Svenska Elektrikerförbundet uttrycker sin solidaritet med den fackligt förtroendevalde och dennes fackliga organisation i den arbetsmarknadskonflikt som pågår i företaget Kone i Belgium. Läs hela uttalandet nedan:


Solidarity from Swedish Electrical union – we support your industrial actions at Kone Belgium

Strike in the elevator industry in Belgium - KONE

We have learned that at the current time there is a struggle between the workers union of the elevator constructors at Kone and the company. We have also learned that the key issue have been safety and dismissal of one of the employees. He had been seen not wearing a safety hat in the machine room in the summer, and was probably dismissed for that reason. The employee was also an union representive.

Swedish Electrical union send our solidariety with the workers, representantives and trade union in Kone.

We reprove any kind of repression and persecution against the representatives of the workers. It's very important to make the employeers to stop this kind of bad behavior.

To fight it's the way to make the workers' conditions even better.

We wish you the best in your current conflict.

Best regard
Swedish Electrical union